Gotsport Schedule Updates

Important Update On The Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup

I hope that everyone is as excited to play in our tournament as we are to host it.  This update is quite lengthy, but have important information, please read this entire notice.

As I am sure you are all aware, Gotsport continues to be down after a server crash last week.  We believe they are doing everything possible to bring it back up. In the meantime, we have begun to plan in event that it is still not operational by the time our tournament starts on Friday.  

1.  Schedules
We have been able to retrieve large portions of the schedule and will be reconstructing it on the old site. For the pieces that we are missing, we are looking for your help.  If you copied your schedule, screen shot, team snap or any other record, please email it to us at with the subject line SCHEDULE INFORMATION.  Please list your team, your division, the date and time of your game, your opponents, what bracket you are in and if your coach coaches any other teams.  This will help us build continuity between the Gotsport Schedule and the Gotsoccer schedule.  We will have another important update regarding schedules when we are able to post them again.

2. Rosters and Guest Players
We have extended the roster freeze until 5:00pm on Thursday.  Typically, rosters printed on the game cards.  This will not be available to us. We are asking each team to bring a typed roster with every player that will be playing for the team in Las Vegas.  Bring 6 copies You will need one for each possible game.  You will also need a player pass for every. player.  If you are not able to get a pass because of the GotSport issues, please ask your association to email you the list of players they can not print cards for, print that and attach to your roster. 
We no longer have access to the guest player pool.  You can still bring guest players as long as they appear on your printed roster and have a player pass.

3. Weather
We have had a lot of questions about the weather both in Las Vegas and other parts of the country,  We will play, rain or shine.  Because our schedule is so full, we do not have the luxury of being able to move games because of weather delays in other parts of the country.  If you are experiencing weather delays, please keep us informed.

4. Scores and game day schedules
If we do need to operate without Gotsport, we will be manually populating quarter-final, semi-final and final matches. While every effort is make to insure accurate scoring is made on a game came errors do occur that can affect the schedules.  Please help us by having the coach or team manager verify the score with the field marshal immediately after each game.

If you have questions, email them to me at and I will address it in our next update later today.

Bob Briare
Tournament Director