Rules and Information


Laws of the Game shall apply as modified as described herein.


All properly registered teams in good standing and which comply with the Rules and By-law’s of the USSF, are eligible to compete in the 2017 Las Vegas Silver Mug International Adult Soccer Tournament. All Teams and players must be registered to a United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) affiliated organization or register for weekend player passes through the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA). Teams and or player(s) needing weekend player passes can get more information on our Weekend Passes page located at the bottom of the Silver Mug links on the left hand side of the Silver Mug website. Eligible players are those players whose names appear on the team’s official roster.


International teams must receive clearance from their national association to travel to the United States and have their applications approved by the Silver Mug Committee.

Age Group Rules

For OPEN Divisions: Eligible players must be at least 18 years of age.

Players must provide proof of age using a government issued photo ID at time of tournament check-in and at anytime a referee or tournament official shall ask. Failure to present acceptable proof of age ID will result in the player not participating in that game regardless of whether they have participated in previous games.


Credentials Check will be held an hour and a half before your first game begins at Ed Fountain Soccer Complex (4595 Vegas Dr. LV, NV 89108)

It is mandatory that a representative from each team attend the credentials check. All teams will provide the following at registration. (Failure to provide the needed paperwork for each player could prevent players from participating in the tournament.) Do not bring children to the team check-in.

U.S. Teams:

* Copy of the roster submitted online through the tournament registration page. You can change and update your roster online up till midnight on Wednesday, May 24th.

* Laminated 2016/2017 Player/Coach Passes or a copy of USSSA player registration form for weekend pass and government issued ID.

Foreign Teams:

*Foreign Teams: Passports or proof of entry and photo I.D. or *Player Passes from appropriate FIFA affiliate.


All teams are guaranteed at least four (4) matches (weather permitting). Championship finalists will be determined by Tournament Scoring of first (2-3) matches. All matches will be played at the locations listed in the FIELDS section of these rules.


Ed Fountain
4595 Vegas Dr.
LV, NV 89108


Teams accepted to the Silver Mug must have their complete rosters filled in at prior to the Monday before the start of the tournament.  Instructions on viewing your team’s official Silver Mug roster, are available by clicking this link.

The maximum roster size is twenty-two (22) players.


Teams will play with a size (5) ball in which the home team will provide prior to the start of the game. All players are required to wear shin guards! No jewelry may be worn in competition. Players shall wear approved cleats. All players must wear numbered uniforms with no duplicated numbers on a team. Players not in compliance will be CAUTIONED (yellow carded) and sent off the field until the requirement is met. Casts-No hard casts are permitted; soft casts may be permitted with approval of Referee.


The home team is listed first on the schedule and must change jerseys in the event of a color conflict. Coaches and Players from both teams will sit on the same sideline. All Parents and fans will sit on opposite sideline. All subs will wait in it to be brought onto the field. at centerline. Home team is listed first.


All Head coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their other coaches, team officials, players, and spectators at all times.

Head coach is responsible for picking up players passes after each match from the Field Marshals, and signing game card.


11v11 Games
(2) 30 minute halves

Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals:

(2) 30 minute halves then if tied, straight to FIFA penalty kicks.

Championship Matches will consist of:
(2) 35 minute halves, if tied (2) 5 minute  periods. If still tied FIFA penalty kicks to determine Champion.


Teams shall be awarded points for match results as follows:

A. (3) points for each win. (0) points for each loss.

(1) points for each tie.

B. For a forfeited match, the winner will be credited with a 1-0 win and awarded (3) points.  A team abandoned by another team during a match will be awarded (3) points regardless of the score at the time of the abandonment. No points for team abandoning the match.

C. No points will be awarded if neither team shows up.

D. Any team leaving the field prior to determination of a winner shall forfeit the match.

E. A match is considered official upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at termination.

F. Final standings for the pool will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during pool play.


Wild Card may be used in group standing to determine additional elimination round participants. Wild cards are determined by taking all second place teams and ranking them based on the scoring and tie breaking methods described in these rules. A third place team will not be considered for a wild card regardless of the number of points they received during group play.


Tournament Director and or Tournament committee are responsible for reporting scores and posting them on the scoreboards. Referees turn in game cards to field marshals and marshals turn in cards to admin tent. Official score is kept at admin tent. An official team representative shall sign and approve game cards after each match.


Ties in pool standings will be broken by employing a tie breaker. If more than two teams are involved in the tie, the first team to move ahead of the remaining teams will be awarded the highest place, and the tiebreakers continued until all ties are broken.
A. Head to head (if all teams played each other).

B. Goal Differential (a maximum differential of 4 goals per game)

C. Least Goals Against (a maximum of 4 goals against per game)

D. Most Goals For (a maximum of 4 goals for per game)

E. Least number of Red Cards

F. Kicks from the Penalty Spot in accordance with the procedure outlined in the FIFA Laws of the Game (site and time at the discretion of Tournament Director or held (1/2) hour prior to and at the site of the team’s next potential  match. (11) players from a team must be ready to participate within (5) minutes of appointed time or else that team will forfeit its opportunity to prevail in the tie breaker.)


If the score is still tied at the conclusion of play in any quarter final or semi-final match, Kicks from the Penalty Spots in accordance with the procedure outlined in the FIFA Laws of the Game will be taken until a winner is determined. No quarter final or semi-final match shall end in a tie. Only the players on the field at the conclusion of regulation play may participate. (Center Referee will gather all the players on the field at the end of regulation play and not allow them to go to their respective sidelines. They are the players who will shoot the PK’s.) (Note: could be less than 11 players due to injury or ejection)

If the score is still tied at the conclusion of play in any Championship Match, two 5 minute extra time period shall be played. If after the extra time periods the game is still tied, Kicks from the Penalty Spots in accordance with the procedure outlined in the FIFA Laws of the Game will be taken until a winner is determined. No quarter final or semi-final match shall end in a tie. Only the players on the field at the conclusion of regulation play may participate. (Center Referee will gather all the players on the field at the end of regulation play and not allow them to go to their respective sidelines. They are the players who will shoot the PK’s.) (Note: could be less than 11 players due to injury or ejection).



Teams must check-in with the Field Marshal at the Field Marshal tent (30) minutes prior to the time their match is scheduled to begin. At this time, player equipment will be inspected, player passes turned over to the Field Marshal, match cards checked and any other necessary instructions given.
The Field Marshals are at the matches to assist you with anything you might need and to handle the administrative concerns of the matches. They do not have any authority over any decision normally made by a referee. The Field Marshals will hold the player passes for both teams in their possession during the match; no exceptions.


Teams failing to check in (15) minutes prior to their scheduled kick off time or failing to report ready to play within (5) minutes of scheduled kick-off time will forfeit their match. All teams must have a minimum of (7) players present to start the match. Teams that forfeit during pool play may continue on in pool play but not in semi or final matches.


Unlimited substitution will be allowed in all age groups, with the Center Referee’s permission, and only at the following times: (Players will check in with the Sideline Referee, who will raise a flag, and then stand/kneel at the mid field line [in sub box, if painted] until Center Referee signals them to enter the field and only after the player they are to replace has left the field.
* Prior to throw-in by the team in possession.
* Prior to a goal kick by either team.
* At half time.
* After an injury on either team when Center Referee stops play.
• After a goal is scored by either team.


Referees will be instructed not to add time to a match except under the most extenuating circumstances. However, all preliminary matches will be terminated not less then (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next match.


USYSNV rules prohibit any coach, team official or player ejected from a match, or suspended by the proper authority, to be within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his/her suspension. A coach, team official or player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single match is considered to have been given an ejection (red card) for the purposes of deducting points for the tournament competition. A player who has been ejected (sent off), shall not be replaced.

A coach, team official or player who has been ejected for VIOLENT CONDUCT shall not be allowed to participate in the next TWO scheduled matches (subject to review by the tournament committee). Any coach, team official or player who assaults a referee will be expelled from the tournament. FIGHTING will not be tolerated for any reason. Coaches, team officials, players or spectators sent off for fighting (striking or attempting to strike another coach, team official, player or spectator) will not be allowed to participate in any further tournament matches. Coaches, team officials, players or spectators who enter the field of play for any reason, in the event of a fight, will be ejected from the tournament. If the coaches, team officials, players or spectators cannot be identified, the entire team will be removed from the tournament. No refunds will be made to any team that is removed from the tournament for fighting.

The coach/team official shall forfeit the carded coach’s, team official’s or player’s pass to the Center Referee who will give the pass and the match report to the Field Marshal. The coach, team official or player in question shall be ineligible until the pass is returned to said coach, team official or player by the Tournament Committee.
Any coach or team official that is coaching more than one team in the tournament and is suspended on one team, is automatically suspended from any other team or teams until the suspension has been served.
If, in the opinion of the Center Referee, a match must be terminated for misconduct, the offending team forfeits that match and will be suspended from further play in all remaining matches which would be forfeits. Previous points earned and any right to a refund, awards or other consideration will be forfeited. In addition, the home league and State Association will be contacted.

Any verbal abuse directed at committee members, referees or other volunteers will also result in suspension and ejection.
Referees have complete authority during all matches and will not allow abusive or profane language, threats of any kind or any style of play that detracts from the Game of Soccer.


The Tournament Committee has the authority to alter the schedule, move matches to the next day or move match sites for the good of the tournament.


Matches will be played in all weather conditions, unless the Center Referee or Tournament Director determines the conditions are dangerous and/or life threatening as per FIFA/USYSA/USYSNV regulations. The Tournament Committee will do every thing in their control to make sure all matches are played, but if it is out of their control, the standings at that time will be final. No refunds will be given!

Contingency Plan:

Plan A: All matches will be played as scheduled.

Plan B: Shorten all first round matches to (15) halves.

Plan C: Plan B plus shorten all second round matches the same.
Plan D: Plan C plus shorten all third round matches the same.
Plan E: In the event the fields become totally unplayable or the weather becomes a hazardous condition, it may be necessary to decide some matches with FIFA penalty kicks.


The Tournament Committee shall settle all disputes and their decision shall be final. NO protests will be allowed.  Red Cards can not be rescinded.


Cash prizes is for the Men’s Open 11v11 Elite Division only. The cash prize of $5000 is for the Men’s Open 11v11 Elite Division Champion. To be eligible for the cash prize, teams MUST have reserved hotel rooms at Tournament Host Hotel, with the exception of local teams not requiring hotels.

First place team in each age group will receive a  Trophy.

Awards will NOT be mailed to teams failing to stay for presentations.  Awards will be handed out at the end of all 1st – 2nd place matches.

The Tournament Committee is the final authority in ALL matters!

Revised 11/16/15