Lost and Found

These Items are all the items recovered from the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup on October 27-28, 2018. The items will be kept for 60 days, after which they will be donated to the Assistance League. To claim an item, please contact up at info@lvmayorscup.com


IMG_8162Black Polo
IMG_3145Black Hoodie
IMG_2108Black Hoodie
IMG_6444Adidas Jacket
IMG_4195 Oakley Sunglasses
IMG_3781 Coaching note book
IMG_7985Black Hoodie
IMG_9534Santa Clara Sporting jersey
IMG_5082 Nike Backpack
IMG_1501 Black and white Jersey
IMG_4109 Nike hoodey
IMG_5504Perscription Glasses
IMG_7112Arizona Steelers
IMG_2886Perscription Eyeglass goggles
IMG_0376Black and White Adidas jersey #26
IMG_3408Sack 'o  Pennies
  IMG_8383Doll head band
TOP UA-9747625-1