Creating Event Rosters

Please follow these step by step instructions to confirm accuracy with your tournament roster.

Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup Proper Roster Check:

  1. Log into your Gotsoccer team account

  2. On the HOME page, select at the top, the tab that says  “Roster”

  3. Under “View by Event” there will be a drop-down menu. Select the 2019 Mayor’s Cup. Be sure to select the correct weekend,  Boys play on February 15-17, 20020, and the girls play February 21-23, 2020

  4. Gotsoccer should automatically generate 1 (One) roster. If no roster appears, look for the tab that says “Generate Roster” and click it. This will bring up the roster that will be used at credentials check.

  5. Make sure all players that will be attending appear on the roster.

  6. Officially Add Guest Players to the roster: Look at the bottom of the roster, if there are any guest players in green select the “Add” button if one appears. This will move the guest player to the roster above. If the guest player is already added to the roster then the player has been added correctly.

  7. If your roster has more than 18 players (for U14 and below) or more than 22 players (for U15 and above), and are looking to add a guest player or new player to take the place of the player not attending, you will need to remove the player not attending from the Mayor’s Cup Event before the system will allow you to add the guest/ new player.

  8. Removing a player from the Mayor’s Cup Roster: On the roster find the player not attending and select the deactivate button in orange, this will remove the player from the roster and move them to the bottom of the page and highlight them in orange. This will then give you the room and ability to add a guest/ new player.

  9. Gotsoccer is time-stamped as changes are made and any players added after the roster freeze date as specified under “Rules and Information” at 11:59 pm (ET) time will NOT be permitted to play. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!