Please read through these Frequently Asked Questions before you send us an email. We often receive the same question many times and it will save us a lot of time and get you your answer right away. Also, many questions can be answered by reviewing the Rules & Information section on the website. Please feel free to contact us if you still have a question.

When is the registration deadline?
The Mayor’s Cup International Showcase – Boys Event on February 15-17th, 2020, the deadline for all teams is December 31, 2019. In order to be accepted to the tournament, you must be paid in full and have your hotel stay booked through Traveling Teams Inc.  You will not be charged if you are not accepted.

Do you accept all out of state teams that apply?
The Mayor’s Cup is one of the largest and most competitive tournaments in the world. We have hosted over 80 different clubs from outside the US. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every team that applies. For your best chance of being accepted, apply early and make sure your payment arrangements are set. You will not be charged until you are accepted. Also, remember that the Mayor’s Cup is a stay and play tournament, so you must arrange your hotel rooms with Traveling Teams Inc.

I know we are guaranteed a number of matches, but on what days will they be played?
The Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup guarantees four (4) games. You will play two (2) on Saturday and one (1) or two (2) on Sunday. Finals and some consolations will be played on Monday.

I see that the Mayor’s Cup is “Stay and Play” Tournament. What if we don’t want to stay and one of the hotels you have listed?
Traveling Teams Inc. has a large selection of hotels that fit any teams budget. Neither the Mayor’s Cup nor Traveling Teams Inc. marks up room rates. In fact, Traveling Teams Inc. guarantees the lowest advertised team room rates for the dates of the Mayor’s Cup. In order to be accepted to the tournament, you must book your stay with Traveling Teams Inc.

We are planning our flights home. What time will the finals be played?
For the Mayor’s Cup, your last final kicks off on Monday at 2:30 pm. Remember that each team that participates in the final is invited up on stage to receive their award and perhaps meet the Mayor of Las Vegas. Teams are asked up onstage in the order you arrive at the awards area and we can not give special consideration to teams that “have to catch a plane”. Plan your departure with plenty of time for your players to enjoy their success.

We have two teams that are coached by one coach. Can you ensure that there will not be a conflict?
For coaches with multiple teams: we will attempt to avoid conflicts with your teams.  Priority will be given to coaches that have traveled the furthest distance. Coaches of multiple teams MUST be sure your name is listed as HEAD COACH on your Gotsoccer.com roster.  Failure to be listed as HEAD COACH will preclude our attempt to avoid your potential scheduling conflicts. We do not attempt to de-conflict a coach’s schedule with three (3) or more teams.

We want to play in the highest division possible and don’t want to play teams we usually see in our league play?

The Mayor’s Cup makes every attempt to separate teams from their region. Occasionally you may see a rival sooner than the semi-finals. The Mayor’s Cup looks at a lot of factors when deciding on flight distribution. Historical data from GotSoccer.com is a key qualifier. If you have the results that warrant placement at the highest level, you will probably get it.

Our game conflicts with an event we had planned in Las Vegas, can we get our game rescheduled.
We want you to have the best experience in Las Vegas. If you are planning a team event, please let us know before the registration deadline so that we can make an attempt to schedule around your event.

Can you create a custom schedule for our team which avoids Sunday games?
In order to accommodate our four (4) game minimum guarantee, all teams will play at least one (1) game on Sunday. Downtown LVSC would be willing to host friendly games on a Friday night/Saturday day on any another weekend besides LV Mayor’s Cup weekend for you if no Sunday play is a requirement. Please email info@lvmayorscup.com to request the matches.

When will the schedules be released?
Schedules are generally available two weeks before the start of the tournament. If you have events that require special scheduling consideration, please let us know BEFORE the registration deadline.

I am having trouble with my GotSoccer.com login, can you help?
As much as we would like to, GotSoccer.com is the best to help with technical issues regarding their site. GotSoccer.com:  (888) 258-5220.

Can we add players to our roster at Credentials Check?
No. There aren’t any conditions that exist where we will allow this to happen. Your roster must be set by the deadline and only those players will be allowed to play.

Can a player play for two (2) or more teams in the tournament?

No. A player can only play for one (1) team in the tournament. If you need additional players, we suggest you look through the guest player pool for additional players.

I need guest players. Do you have any local kids that are interested in playing?
The best way to arrange for guest players is to log only GotSoccer.com and go to the guest player section. Here you can see players available to guest play or get the word out that you are looking for players.

Where do I find guest player forms?
Either your State Association or US Club provides, depending on your team’s jurisdiction.

What is the mandatory online Credentials Check?
All teams are required to upload images of their roster and players cards for online credentials check. Credentials check is done prior to the start of the tournament.  It is mandatory that you complete this online before the deadline.  You can find more information HERE.  PLAYERS NOT UPLOADED TO THE GOTSOCCER.COM CREDENTIALS CHECK WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY.

What field complex will our games be played?
The Mayor’s Cup has grown so much in the past few years that we now utilize eight locations. While we wish we could have everyone at the same fields, it is just impossible. We make every attempt to have all group games at the same locations. The exact location of where your team will play really cannot be determined until the schedule is completed. See Fields here.

What is the cost of parking at the soccer complexes
Unlike many other large youth soccer tournaments, parking is always FREE at the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup.

Do you provide benches and shade structures at the fields?
A limited number of chairs/benches are provided on the sidelines at limited complexes, enough for players and a few team officials. There are NO shade structures provided.

We are playing an international team, is there anything we should know?
Traditionally, whenever you play an international team, your team should be prepared to give the players a small gift. Something that identifies your City or State is always appreciated. Teams will often give their team pins and a charm with their state quarter attached. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something they will remember to add to their experience. Your team may also want to have a small banner like the national teams exchange before their games.

What happens if our score that is posted is incorrect?
We make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of scores. It is very important that a team official verifies and signs off on the referee’s scorecard at the end of the game. That is the only proof we have to verify scores. If you think your score is wrong, please let a tournament official know so that we can verify with the scorecard.

I’m interested in refereeing games while in Las Vegas. How can I get involved?
Please contact our Head Referee Assignor, Juan Guzman directly at juanguzman0012@yahoo.com with a summary of your credentials and availability. Please include all your contact information.

Is it a requirement to register my players with Scoutingzone?

It is not required but recommended to register players with SZ. Scoutingzone gives players greater visibility among scouts and allows them to update their profiles to maximize exposure with photos and links to highlight videos. Players can create a Top 10 College list that alerts scouts of player matches for their program, increasing the opportunity for recruitment. In addition to streamlining the process for tournaments, scouts, and players, SCOUTINGZONE eliminates the time and costs associated with printing player profile booklets—all while making the experience environmentally-friendly.