FIFA Law Modifications

Modifications To Laws of the Game




The 2017 Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup International Showcase will adhere to FIFA Laws of the Game 2016/2017 for U11 through U20 teams, with the following amendments in accordance with US Youth Soccer (USYS) and Nevada Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) policies, including USYS Player Development Initiatives – Small Sided Standards published on 5 July 2015:

FIFA Law 1 – Field of Play

Field Markings: Some fields may contain alternative markings for other sports. Such markings will be in a different color than the soccer markings.

For U11/U12 games, fields will be marked as show below:

9 v 9 Field Markings

Dimensions: For U11 through U13 games, the field dimensions will be marked as follows:

  • U11/U12: 70-80 yards long by 45-55 yards wide, maximum

Flagposts: There will be no corner flags on artificial turf fields.

Goals: For U11 through U12 games, goal dimensions will be 6.5 feet high by 18.5 feet wide.

FIFA Law 2 – The Ball

The ball will be Size 4 for U11 & U12 games.

FIFA Law 3 – The Number of Players

Number of Players: For U11 & U12 games, each team will consist of the following number of players on the field, one of whom is the goalkeeper:

  • U11/U12: nine (9)

Team Roster Size:

  • U11/U12: 16
  • U13/U14: 18
  • U15 – U20: 22 – 18 nominated per match

Number of Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions will be permitted in all age groups. Substituted players may return to the field of play.

Substitution Procedure: Substitutions may only be made with the referee’s permission at the following stoppages in play:

  • at half-time
  • before restart of play after a goal has been scored by either team
  • before restart of play on either team’s goal kick
  • before restart of play on your own team’s thrown-in, and
  • before restart of play after a stoppage for injury or player safety, as determined by the referee
    1. if a player has suffered a significant blow to the head the player is to be removed from the game for medical evaluation

FIFA Law 4 – The Player’s Equipment

The player’s footwear cannot have metal cleats (studs).

All players must wear numbered uniforms with no duplicated numbers on a team.

No hard casts are permitted.

The home team must change jerseys in the event of a color conflict.

FIFA Law 7 – The Duration of the Match


Periods of Play – U11-U19 two (2) thirty (30) minute periods

Half Time Interval – No more than five (5) minutes



Periods of Play – U11-U19 two (2) thirty (30) minute periods on Sunday

Periods of Play – U11-U19 two (2) thirty (35) minute periods on Monday

Half Time Interval – No more than five (5) minutes

Tiebreaker – FIFA Penalty Kicks



Periods of Play – U11-U19 two (2) thirty (35) minute periods on Monday

Half Time Interval – No more than five (5) minutes

Tiebreaker – Two (2) five (5) minute extra time periods followed by FIFA Penalty Kicks if game outcome remains tied

Allowance for time lost: Referees will not add time to a match except under the most extenuating circumstances. All preliminary matches will be terminated not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next match on that field.



Technical Area

The technical area is considered to be from the half-way line to the extent of the center circle in a team’s own half of the field.

The Fourth Official

A fourth official will not be provided.